Our Services

We offer total solution for disposal of e waste with its state of art recycling facility. We support for CSR Services, EPR Implementation and Data Destruction Services

Recycling of E-waste
Envirocare is engage in Recycling of waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).The Aim of the company is to conserve environment and in turns support to develop our nation. The process establish at Envirocare is Collection, Transportation and Recycling/ Dismantling of e-waste with Physical and mechanical process such as Decontamination, Separation, Segregation, Metal Recovery and Disposal of Hazardous Substance.
EPR and PRO Services
Envirocare support Manufacturer and Importer of Electrical and Electronics goods for managing their EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) for collection and channelization of e-waste generated form end of Life. Envirocare helps to achieve collection targets, setting of collection center, collection point, implementing take back by depository refund scheme and organizing awareness program.
CSR Services
We support large corporates for their CSR target by installing E Bin, setting of collection Center, running collection Drive for e-waste, conducting training and awareness program. Envirocare has joined hand with NGO’s who work in the field of Environment Education and Health. Envirocare refurbished IT products and donate these products to needy and underprivileged through these NGO’s. We also work in alignment with UN Sustainable Development which aims to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity to all.
Data Destruction
Envirocare offer services of Data Destruction for its customer by destroying data store on tapes, hard Disk and other forms of electronic media. Envirocare offers Data Wiping, Degassing, and Crushing. Envirocare has a unique Service in which we record the entire process of Data Destruction and send the video in the form of.MP4. Under the personal approach to the customer, Envirocare gives all these services ON SITE (at Customer premises) as per customer requirement.
Recovery and Refining of Metals
E-waste consists of more than 35 substances in which some are recyclable metals, Precious metals, Special metals, and Hazardous metals These metals require a special process for recovery and refining. Envirocare has a tie-up with major international companies for recovering all these metals as in India there is no facility to recover these metals. Envirocare is setting up its own metal recovery and refining unit. Recyclable Metals: Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Plastic, and Glass. Precious Metal: silver, gold, palladium, iridium. Special metals: cobalt, indium, and antimony. Hazardous Metal: Arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel, and thallium
Envirocare has its own Repair and Refurbishing center for E-waste received from the generator. We have a skilled team of Engineer Technician. We repair, refurbish and remarket these products. We also provide this equipment for rentals. The refurbished materials are donated to under privileged in association with the generator of e-waste to chive their CSR targets.