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E-waste contains different types of valuable materials. Most of the valuable substances are found in printed circuit boards (PCB) , which occur in relevant quantities mainly in the IT  and Communication Equipment as well as Entertainment and Consumer Electronics. Besides well known precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium also scarce materials like

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India a dumping ground

India and China are the major dumping yard. End of life product is brought to our countries and dumped hence increasing the burden on our county. We ourselves have a huge amount of e-waste and the e-waste coming from America and European countries add more burden on us. We only recycle 95% of our e-waste

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Electrical and electronic equipment contain different hazardous materials that are harmful to human health and the environment it can also damage the ozone layer. If these Hazardous substances are not disposed of carefully, they can make our air and water polluted. The following are major Hazardous Substances present in e-waste. Arsenic Arsenic is a very

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